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I think about Tea and Zen are the same feelings


I think about Tea and Zen are the same feelings

Tea and Zen arrive at the same ground.Saltiness of the Japanese sea is the same as saltiness of the sea to taste in U.S.A..
Such an implication is "the same feelings". However, the American saltiness and the Japanese saltiness may have been different from original taste now. I feel such. 
  Zen is difficult. Ascetic practices method is simple. But because I say that I sit down. However, this is difficult. It is difficult to realize it very much. There is a Zen term to call "FURYUMONJI". I cannot express reason of Zen by a letter. 
Through ascetic practices, you must realize it forever. In this way Zen preaches an inviolable rule of Zen to an exerciser. 
However, it is a book of Zen Buddhism that see most to Buddhism book of a bookstore. It may be good, but it will be still for Zen to be such difficult. 
  There are "tool tea", words of "room tea". I put irony and admonished oneself not to become it in this way. The thing that there should be tea in ground same as Zen. I collect tea service sets and must not do showing it off.Besides I am dressed in the clothes that it is gorgeous in a room, and it is unspeakable to compete for clothes. As for the thing of tea ceremony, it is original teaching.Please look at a state of tea ceremony of the present age. It is right "tool tea", and does it seem to be "room tea?" 
  "Tea and Zen are the same feelings"(茶禅一味TYAZENITIMI) is to say "Zen tea ceremony"(禅茶道ZEN SADOH) and, in other words, it is tea ceremony of "austere refinement"(侘びWABI) "rust"(寂びSABI). The plain tea which eliminated show and display is tea style of "Zen tea ceremony"(禅茶道 ZEN SADOH). 
  Generally when it says "tea", it seems to be manners are all right with powdered green tea (and it is tense), and it is delicious with a tea cake, and to eat and drink, but it is "tea ceremony" even if it does not drink tea in "Zen tea ceremony". It is tea ceremony just to deal with a silk wrapper. It is tea ceremony just to bow. Even handling of ladle is tea ceremony. It is tea ceremony just to think about a Zen term of a kakemono in a tea-ceremony room. Of course it is tea ceremony that do an exercise (a lesson) to make tea. 
  Therefore I want to perform a lesson of "Zen tea ceremony" with you by all means, but how will be it? A tea service set is "a Zen term" to examine to a kakemono in a tea-ceremony room. "A Zen term" It is the signpost which tea ceremony prepared to lead , you to realization.I think that I have you taste a border of "Tea and Zen are the same feelings" by working out "a Zen term" many times.A purpose of tea ceremony is "throbbing pulse of life". Because various situation is done setting of by tea ceremony, I can enter the world of Zen easily.In that way I wish that I want you to get a feeling of throbbing pulse of life by all means.

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