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You can be Samurai!!!

The Kogetsu Ensyu Zen School of Tea Ceremony

The Kogetsu Ensyu Zen School of Tea Ceremony”was one of the Buke sado (Samurai Teaism) school which is the tea ceremony performed among the samurai families mainly in the Edo period -17th century –- and after.

  Our school was traced back to Rikyu and Enshu Sado school foundated by Kobori Enshu, a feudal load and an artist in early Edo period .

Master Kankoh Aoyagi emphasized the spirit of Zen in teaism and sublimated in the Kogetsu in 1916. Our school is characterized by spirituality and simplicity. We have kept our tradition for over 100years.

Samurai Sado

Sado is necessary cultural accomplish -ments same as Budo(martial sport) at Edo era.
Samurai may die in battle, so they have to

keep good physical and mental condition. Sado provide power of concentration and calm state of mind.
The posture and movement of Sado is the optimal use of strength and helped Budo. Elegant and sophisticated body movement could build dignified presence of Samurai as the ruling class.

We are more stressed in modern society. Sado can bring you peace of mind and toughness.

Chazenitimi -- Zen and Sado

The spirit of Zen and Sado are same. Serving tea is the same with meditation moving slowly.
When you concentrate on your movement of making tea, you can clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts.

You can get followings by Sado

-develop your concentration

-calm your mind

-clear your mind   spirit of  "Zen"

-seek beauty in imperfectness

-feel harmony

-stimulate the five sence

One-day workshop  $25/lesson

-how to serve Japanese green tea -how to serve Maccha at home

*no need the registration fee


Individual lesson $30/lesson

-How to bow (Rei-hou)
-Bonryaku temae(on the table)

-Boncha temae (Tea tray on the floor)

-Hirademae(Using kettle) etc

*The registration fee is $200


Online lesson $20/lesson

*The registration fee is $100


All lessons

Time : negotiable (1h/lesson)

Place :Zushi,Yokosuka,Yokohama,Tokyo,at your home

Nakamura Nyosen

Born in Yokohama City in 1973 as the eldest son of “Sohke”(Head master of a school) III Nyokoh Nakamura. Graduated from Department of Indian Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, Toyo University.

He inherited “Sohke”(Head master of a school) IV in 2005.

He is engaged in teaching activities in Yokohama, Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture, etc living at Kamakura, where is ancient Samurai city.

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